This is a list of internet service providers that are within the New Bern local calling area. Please contact the webmaster with any additions, deletions, or changes to this list.

Always-Online 634-9046??
America Online 1-800-775-8786
Cape Lookout 638-3238
Carolina Connections 637-8113
EarthLink 633-9997
EsisNet 672-5600
Global Systems, Inc (GSI) 866-GSI.WAVE ext.109
IntraSource 638-1477
Juno 1-800-654-5866
NC Freedom 1-877-378-1448
NetShoppe 745-7175
PeoplePC 1-800-PeoplePC
Starfish Internet Service 1-877-439-7834
Wal-Mart Connect 1-888-855-0942
Suddenlink 1-877 694-9474

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